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Our Mission

At ACT Personnel, our mission is simple:
We CARE when working with our clients.


Great people…great success.

Word of mouth is our best reference, so don't just take our word for it, see the great success other job seekers have had with ACT Personnel Service.

"I decided to use ACT Personnel Service because my Mother-in-Law had used them years before, and had a great experience! After registering with ACT Personnel Service, Inc., I was placed out in no time! The accuracy of the job description was spot on, and I knew exactly what to expect on my first day of work. ACT has made this such an awesome experience for me. I feel that without this great company, I would have never been given a chance to actually prove my worth to any employer. Not to mention, the overall treatment by their staff has been amazing. The whole process was really easy. The recruiters walked me through the paperwork and explained everything to me. Use this service!! It will change your life for the better!"

"I chose to use ACT Personnel Service, Inc., because I didn’t have any work experience at all! I went in and applied with ACT, and was out to work the next day. I have worked through several placements with ACT, and eventually was hired at my final placement. The people who work at ACT are very nice. They do their best to place you somewhere that you can use your skills as soon as they can!"

"I heard about ACT Personnel through a former employee. I had never used a staffing agency before, so I didn’t really know what to expect. I was placed on an assignment way faster than I ever thought was possible. The Recruiter explained the assignment in great detail, and it was beyond my expectations. The job was something I had imagined, but never thought I would actually find. Working with ACT Personnel Service has been a complete blessing. I was placed in a work site where my expectations were beyond what I ever imagined. The co-workers are great and I get along well with the staff. My experience with ACT has been wonderful. I must give credit where credit is due, thank you to Sarah Haines and Alicia Foley for making this so easy!"

"ACT Personnel Service helped me find my perfect placement! After registering with their company, I was called the next day. I was given a perfect placement based on what I had requested. The recruiter sought out a placement that fit my needs and wants, I was looking for something specific and she knew how to find that! The entire process has been fantastic! ACT has a ton of resources and their recruiters have knowledge to help individuals with their job searches. If I were to describe ACT Personnel Service to my friends, I would say they are a professional service with friendly recruiters!"

"The staff at ACT does their best to understand what you are looking for in a job. They get to know you and your strengths so they can place you in an assignment that works best for you! My assignment is almost exactly how they explained it to me, although it is a little more involved than what I expected. I have had excellent training and I am very pleased with my placement. ACT’s 25 years of experience in the staffing industry and their good relationships with area employers are why I chose to go to them. Their staff is friendly and helpful through the entire process of interviewing and getting you prepared for the assignment!"

"I was drawn to ACT by a referral from a current employee that had such a great experience with them. ACT is able to quickly match employees to positions that allow them to grow!. When I was looking for a temporary or permanent position, ACT was always able to match me with a placement that allows me to utilize my skills and allows for a challenge to expand my skills and knowledge. During my time with ACT Personnel Service, if I had any issues or felt like the placement was not a good fit, ACT helped to place me in a better assignment!"

"It has been a blessing working with ACT Personnel Service. I may not have been so fortunate to find work in my field on my own without their partnership. I was placed out on a temporary assignment 2 weeks after I completed all of my paperwork and testing. The Recruiter was very clear and concise when it came to explaining the assignment to me. I felt grateful to have been placed in a job that was so close to my previous skill set. I had heard of other success stories and had confidence that ACT could help me find work related to my experience. ACT is a professional placement agency that matches your skills to a placement that you will work well in. Take pride in your work and add value to their company, and you could even be their next big success story! Thank you for all of your continued support!"

"The connection with business and the effort that they put in to finding you the right job is why I chose to use ACT. It has been a very pleasant experience working with them. They go the extra mile to find the right job that one is looking for. They truly have exceeded my expectations when it comes to my placement!"

"Although it took some time for assignments to start coming in, I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that ACT Personnel goes above and beyond for their applicants. They have given me assignments that my past work experience correlates to, so they aren’t jobs I am going into blind. The Recruiters are very thorough and always willing to answer any questions that you may have! I chose to use ACT because I have used staffing agencies in the past, and I was new to the area. I would tell my friends or other associates that ACT has the staff and the knowledge to place you in assignments that you will feel comfortable in! Thank you to all the staff at ACT Personnel for finding me assignments and always being so kind and warm!"

"I was 52 years old and in a transition from selling my own business, which I had run for many years, to pursuing a new career path. I needed a stop-gap opportunity until my new career would economically support my family. That is when my son recommended I try ACT Personnel Service, Inc. I thought I was too old for ACT to find me a job, but I was wrong, and within no time I was working while developing my new career as a Pastor. ACT is a company, but a company is only as good as its employees, and ACT has some of the best. Thanks ACT."

"I was fortunate to have Yeny in my corner when I was looking for a new senior human resources opportunity. Yeny has a robust network in the DC area and was able to distribute my credentials effectively to key contacts inside companies throughout the DC metro area. She followed up on leads for potential opportunities and always kept me informed on the status of openings where I might be a fit. She presented pertinent jobs and was patient in talking through the pros and cons of each position. She truly cares about ensuring her candidates are happy and are making the best choice so the company and candidate have the right fit. She has a real knack for building and maintaining meaningful relationships with her candidates. Yeny is professional, personable, trustworthy and an expert recruiter who represents her candidates with pride."

"ACT Personnel helped me in a rough time. I was new to the area and had a hard time finding a position. Soon after registering with ACT, I got an interview with a prestigious company. After a short period of time that company hired me on and I am still employed there full-time. Whenever I'm asked, I always tell people about my great experience with ACT."

"I chose temporary work due to the short time that I will be here in Cumberland. Also, I like the flexibility of temporary work and variety of jobs available!"

"I opted for temporary placement because it will offer me an opportunity to gain employment experience and increase my skills. I hope that a temporary position will help me get the experience that will enable me to join the workforce full time. This will also give me the chance to consider other career opportunities. Thank you for this opportunity."

"I joined ACT in 1995 looking for a job. I never called them to see if they had work. In the meantime, I kept trying to get on at Rocky Gap.

I kept calling Brian at Rocky Gap and he told me he could not doing anything until April. I called him every week.

Then I saw a picture of a man working at Rocky Gap. I called Brian again. He told me this man was hired through ACT. I told him I belong to ACT. He said you have a good day. One hour later I was called by ACT to go to work at Rocky Gap.

I worked with other people from ACT. By the end of October, Brian called Tony Fagan and myself into his office. He told Tony and myself we out of all the others were going to be hired full time. It was our hard work and dedication that got us hired. It was ACT that got me hired. It now has opened a lot more job opportunities at Rocky Gap. I have to credit ACT and be thankful to them for my job at Rocky Gap."

"The reason I first applied to ACT was to locate employment. ACT has provided me with a wide variety of jobs — factory, labor, landscape, utility, shipping/receiving — with pretty steady assignments. I'm looking forward to possible opportunities that may afford me a permanent job. ACT staff is friendly and accessible at any time you need them."

"Eight years ago I was in need of a temporary job for the summer. I had previously worked through ACT and knew they could help me find what I was looking for. An Administrative Assistant position had recently opened at the Allegany Arts Council, who turned to ACT to assist with finding a new employee. Sheri immediately contacted me, knowing it would be a wonderful fit for me given my interest in the arts and experience in office work.

After two months of working on a temporary basis, I was offered a full time position at the Arts Council. As I settled into my new job, I was honored to learn that ACT had chosen me as their Temporary Employee of the Year. I went from honored to completely amazed when I was also named the Maryland Staffing Association’s Temporary Employee of the Year!

I often say, “I don’t know where I’d be without ACT.” They have opened so many opportunities to me that may have otherwise passed me by. I’ve since been promoted to the position of Office Manager, and my job has blossomed into a variety of other opportunities I never expected. I am the regular arts columnist for Allegany magazine, and was invited to join the WFWM Advisory Council and the board of the Tri-State Community School for the Arts.

I’ve heard many wise people say that your work should be in harmony with your life, and as a musician at heart, I’m so thankful for a company like ACT that enabled me to work in an environment that fosters a love of the arts, not only in my own life, but also in our entire community."

“I signed up with ACT in May 2013 and had part-time assignments throughout the summer. I found a long-term temporary position for the school year, and June 2014, I signed back up with ACT. The 2nd week I expressed interest in an advertisement they had in the Cumberland Times. Mary called me a few days later about an assignment and asked me to tweak my resume for the position. I had a phone interview with the employer the next day, and began my open-ended assignment July 1. It turned out to be an excellent fit. The end of August, I became an “official” employee with the company.

Any time I had questions, I could find answers in the handbook, a call to the office, or an email. The handbook is helpful so my contact with the staff was limited. They always responded promptly and pleasantly, providing the assistance I needed. When I was working full-time, the email and after-hours line came in handy. I found my experience with ACT to be beneficial as they used their strengths-linking companies with potential employees, so I could use my skills for the company.”
“Since I signed up with ACT, my work experience has been great. Within a few weeks, they found several interviews for me. I stayed in contact with my recruiter and before I knew it, she found work for me. My first work assignment was a weekend job. I did that for about three weekends. My recruiter and I had a conversation about finding me full-time work, despite the work I was already doing. That same week, my recruiter called me and set me up another interview. I am currently employed at my current job and have received a promotion to be full-time. ACT is great because of the team work from top to bottom. There is not one bad thing I can say about this company, because they work hard to place their employees and to keep them employed.”
“I applied at ACT Personnel in May 2014 and was placed for an assignment about a month later. The recruiter called me on a Friday and I started my assignment on Monday morning. I really enjoy working for ACT Personnel and I am very grateful for the opportunity they have given me. They are a great company to work for!”
I have had the pleasure of working with Alicia for only a short time. ACT Personnel always exhibits professionalism when dealing with clients or their large staff of employees. Any time I have checked on the status of a possible placement, I have been greeted with the utmost interest in what I am saying. I first met Alicia when I was working for an employer that used ACT. When I found myself without employment, I contacted Alicia. She began the search in earnest. Within two months, I was back to doing what I knew and loved. She always impressed the importance of how my qualifications would be best suited, or not well suited for a perspective client. I’ve always gotten honest feedback and know I will have honest placement.

I have been placed with two employers in the past month and both have been a great fit for me. I am confident that ACT would not place me with someone that would not be in my best interest. Alicia took into account what my skill level was and the proximity of my travel time before suggesting my placements. I have had the pleasure of working with two great and very well-known employers in the area and I am able to do the things I know, while meeting great professionally minded individuals like myself.

It is very comforting to know when a person looses employment they don’t have to do a job they have never done before. They can do what they know and do their very best without the stress of learning a new job.
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